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To say today is lengthy overdue could be an understatement. We’ll admit, there was even a time we misplaced hope within the return of OxyElite Professional. However it’s in truth in again and in-stock. So the actual query turns into is it well worth the purchase in 2022?  We’re gonna reply that query and extra on this publish so preserve studying.

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Why Was OxyElite Professional Discontinued?

Earlier than we will go into what’s new, we should always go over what occurred within the first place. So for anybody who wasn’t taking fats burners previous to 2013, right here’s what you missed out on:

  1. First OxyElite Professional by USP Labs was one of many high promoting thermogenic fats burners. This product was revolutionary within the complement business and tons of individuals received nice outcomes whereas taking it.
  2. Presently, OxyElite Professional nonetheless featured DMAA in it’s components.
  3. Sadly, the producer USP Labs discontinued OxyElite Professional, which left an enormous void that no different fats burner might fill (till now).

Sadly, there have been critical well being subject claims after utilization of OxyElite, amongst different merchandise that includes DMAA. So, as you may think about, this isn’t the identical components.

So, what did the followers of OxyElite flip to after their favourite fats burner was taken away? This a part of the story you most likely know. Throughout the absences of OxyElite Professional, one other fats burner ,Hydroxyelite, got here out. And consider it or not the unique Hydroxyelite had the identical components as OxyElite.

How did they get away this?

They didn’t. Hydroxyelite has had it’s justifiable share of revisions too. The excellent news is that there’s one other stimulant to take DMAA’s place and its right here to remain. So the probability of the components altering once more is slim.

Section Divider: how does the old OxyElite and new compare?

Unique OxyElite Professional VS New OxyElite Professional:

Let’s be trustworthy, that is most likely why you got here to this weblog anyway. So let’s leap the gun now and you may preserve studying for the comparability on Hydroxyelite. 

OxyElite Pro Old VS New

First issues first, listed here are the labels. Discover something? The precise bottles are barely completely different in form, however the labels are almost the identical. Subsequent, we’ll dive into OxyElite Professional’s substances.


Oxyelite old vs new label


The picture above exhibits the formulation for each the unique components and the brand new model out there right now. To make issues even simpler, we’ve highlighted the variations within the labels. 

Right here you may see that on of the most important modifications is as an alternative of:

  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA) → 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl (DMHA)

And there was the addition of Geranium Extract. However, that’s all of the modifications!

So what’s the distinction between DMHA and DMAA?

We go on this a bit of extra intimately in our DMHA Information (be at liberty to test that out, we’ll wait so that you can come again).

To be transient, the chemical constructions are very related  between DMHA and DMAA. Because of the similarities, they could have related impact on vitality/focus. However, some shoppers say the main focus increase they get from DMHA is extra prevalent than the vitality.† This after all will differ individual to individual.

Moreover, clients say that the vitality they get from DMHA lasts longer, though it isn’t as intense as DMAA was, which might make it higher for an all-day vitality provide. Prospects additionally say they really feel extra of a lift in temper/focus and in addition to a lower in urge for food.† Provided that up so far, research on DMHA are nonetheless missing, these results are solely anecdotal, so not assured.

Section Divider: Does it contain 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA) ?

Does OxyElite Professional comprise 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA) 2022?

No… not anymore.

Now Hydroxyelite and OxyElite Professional options 2-aminoisoheptane as its predominant stimulant. Since 2015, the FDA and DMAA have been going out and in of the courts and not less than for now (2022) Hello-Tech is unable to fabricate this ingredient of their merchandise. Different merchandise of their line, or different model’s line containing DMAA even have been reformulated with out it.

So what’s the cope with the Geranium Extract?

For those who didn’t know, Geranium Oil is definitely the supply of DMAA. (1) Sadly, seeing this within the components doesn’t imply DMAA is within the new model of OxyElite Professional.

Simply to be clear: There isn’t a DMAA in OxyElite as of December 2022.

So what’s the purpose of this ingredient? Give it some thought just like the ephedrine vs ephedra debacle. Whereas Geranium Extract is featured on this components, it’s stripped of the DMAA Alkaloids. So what you’re left with is a doubtlessly related, however weaker model. Not like the ephedrine vs ephedra case, we don’t any research on the power or similarities between these two, not less than not but.

However this might assist increase the consequences of the DMHA.†

How To Take USP Labs OxyElite Professional:

The producers advocate taking one to 2 (1-2) capsules within the morning and one (1) capsule after lunch. Don’t exceed 4 capsules each day. OxyElite could be taken with or with out meals. For those who have a delicate abdomen it’s endorsed to take it with meals.

Section Divider: Similar To OxyElite Pro

Related To OxyElite Professional:

On this part, we’re coming OxyElite Professional with different in style fats burners like Hydroxyelite. 

Hydroxyelite vs OxyElite Professional:

Hydroxyellite Supplement Facts

Hydroxyelite is a thermogenic by Hello-Tech Prescribed drugs with almost the precise components as USP labs OxyElite Professional with the addition of Garcinia Cambodia extract.

For the up to date breakdown of Hydroxyelite click on right here!

Worth Per Serving (USD): $.44
Shared Components: Bauhinia Purpurea Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract, 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl (DMHA), Caffeine
Totally different Components: Walnut Bark Extract, Rauwolscine Extract, Garcinia Cambodgia Extract

As you may inform, the formulation are fairly related. However there are some key variations:

As a substitute of:

  • Geranium Extract → Walnut Bark Extract
  • Yohimbe Extract → Rauwolscine Extract

And in Hydroxyelite, we have now the addition of Garcinia Cambogia Extract. 

First, we have now the Walnut Extract, which follows the identical development as OxyElite. DMHA is sourced from the walnut tree, so just like the Geranium Extract, it’ might assist increase the consequences of DMHA.† Subsequent, we have now the Rauwolscine and Yohimbe Extracts.

Rauwolscine is called a diastereoisomer of Yohimbine. Due to this, it has very related results as yohimbine and yohimbe. Which means they’re each alpha-receptor antagonist, they usually can block the motion of the receptors liable for stopping lipolysis (fats breakdown). So these substances permits your physique to maintain breaking down fats past the purpose in train the place it will usually cease (2).

Garcinia Cambodia is a fruit that incorporates hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which acts to suppress urge for food and improve fats loss. HCA inhibits citrate lyase, an enzyme used to synthesize fats within the physique. It can also helps your physique use glucose extra effectively, decreasing blood sugar (3).

How To Take Hello-Tech Prescribed drugs Hydroxyelite:

The producers advocate taking one to 2 (1-2) capsules within the morning and one (1) capsule within the afternoon, after lunch. Don’t exceed 4 (4) capsules of HydroxyElite each day.

Hydroxyelite Evaluate By Christina: “Kicks in after an hour. I take one within the AM. It causes me to sweat and my nostril to run however cuts off my urge for food. No jitters.”

Lipodrene VS OxyElite Professional:

Lipodrene Supplement Facts

Lipodrene with Ephedra is one other fats burner from Hello-Tech Prescribed drugs. However, it’s virtually completely completely different to OxyElite Professional and Hydroxyelite.

Worth Per Serving (USD): $.44
Shared Components:  2-Aminoisoheptane HCl (DMHA), Caffeine
Totally different Components: Ephedra Extract, Senegalia Berlandieri Extract, Synephrine HCl, Theobromine, Inexperienced Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Hoodia Extract, Cassia Nomame Extract, Naringen, 6,7 Dihydroxybergamotin, 5-Methoxytyptamine HCl, L-5-Hydroxytryptophan, Yohimbine HCl

For starters, Lipodrene is often higher for people in search of an all-encompassing fats burner. So this fats burner could also be higher for selling thermogenesis, vitality, temper, and urge for food suppression. Whereas, OxyElite might help in these areas as effectively, Lipodrene is prone to really feel “stronger”. Right here “stronger” refers to bodily sensations chances are you’ll expertise from taking Lipodrene. Such that features, extra vitality/focus, higher urge for food suppression, or a rise in sweating.†

Curiously, shoppers of Hydroxyelite usually don’t like Lipodrene in the event that they get pleasure from Hydroxyelite. Likewise, people who like Lipodrene, usually don’t like Hydroxyelite.

So what does that imply for you?

Chances are high in case you tried OxyElite in 2022 and didn’t prefer it, Lipodrene could also be extra up your alley. And the excellent news is we’ve already lined the foremost variations between Hydroxyelite and Lipodrene!

How To Take Hello-Tech Prescribed drugs Lipodrene:

The producers advocate taking one to 2 (1-2) capsules within the morning and one (1) capsule within the afternoon, after lunch. Don’t exceed 4 (4) capsules each day.

Lipodrene Evaluate By Patrick: “After age 50 I gave up on attempting to look as I did in my 20”-40’s…Not gonna occur! Even after turning Plant primarily based food regimen 1 12 months in the past and swimming each day with weights and treadmill…Sorry to convey unhealthy information Ya’ll that’s my scenario. …BUT I do use these each morning to start out my day, Nice vitality and Focus. been utilizing each day since 2008. (1) tablet at breakfast. (2) capsules is likely to be a bit too robust, use frequent sense.”

Oxy Xtreme VS OxyElite Professional:

Oxy Xtreme Supplement FactsSubsequent, we have now a fats burner from Model New Power, Oxy Xtreme. As you may inform from the shared substances row, these fats burners are very completely different regardless of having an identical look and title.

Worth Per Serving (USD): $.41
Shared Components: Caffeine
Totally different Components: Sceletium Tortuosum Extract (Kanna), Theobromine, Guarana Seed Extract, Yohimbine HCl, Alpha Yohimbe Rauwolscine

Not like the opposite fats burners on this publish, Oxy Xtreme is in style for its temper boosting properties, moderately than typical fats burner properties. Sadly, all the components is inside a proprietary mix. Due to this fact, we will’t evaluate the person substances with OxyElite Professional by dosage.

So the place does Oxy Xtreme stand for you?

Oxy Xtreme is probably going higher for people in search of vitality, focus, and a temper increase. The largest contributor to the temper increase being from the Sceletium Tortuosum Extract or Kanna Extract. This ingredient is rising in reputation in fats burners and pre exercises alike for its temper and well-being boosting properties. (4,5)

How To Take Model New Power Oxy Xtreme:

The producers advocate taking one (1) capsule on an empty abdomen 15-Half-hour earlier than breakfast. An extra one (1) capsule could also be taken 3-6 hours later. As soon as tolerance has been assessed, an extra capsule could also be added within the morning.

Oxy Xtreme Evaluate By Linda: “This product works effectively for me. Urge for food suppression, vitality.”

Oxy Lean Elite VS OxyElite Professional:

Oxy Lean Elite Supplement FactsOur final product comparability is with Genone Lab’s Oxy Lean Elite.

Worth Per Serving (USD): $.50
Shared Components: Caffeine, Bacopa Monnieri Extract
Totally different Components: Ashwagandha, Theophylline Anhydrous, Niacin, N-Isopropylnorsynephrine, Thermo-V, Magnesium, Rawolscine, Max Endure XT, Selenium

Like Oxy Xtreme, Oxy Lean Elite shares an identical title and look to OxyElite Professional. Nevertheless, the formulation are as soon as once more very completely different. Between these two merchandise, solely Caffeine and Bacopa Monnieri Extract are in frequent. However, as soon as once more, all the components is inside a proprietary mix. Even so, Oxy Lean Elite is a well-liked various to OxyElite Professional and Hydroxyelite. Oxy Lean Elite options about 175.5mg extra lively substances than OxyElite Professional.

Because the components consists of principally stimulants, this product could also be too stimulant heavy for some people. Due to this fact in case you discovered OxyElite Professional to be too robust for you, we’d not counsel attempting this product. Consequently, due to the prop mix, we will’t ensure the amount of stimulants make up the vast majority of the mix. So some people might really feel this fats burner is weaker in power. As at all times particular person outcomes will differ. 

We dive extra into the variations between Oxy Lean Elite and Hydroxyelite in a separate weblog.

How To Take Genone Labs Oxy Lean Elite:

The producers advocate taking one (1) capsule 30-45 minutes after your first massive meal of the day. Because of excessive efficiency, one might want to assess tolerance by breaking the capsule and taking half for a couple of days earlier than progressing to a full capsule. Don’t exceed two (2) capsules in a 24 hour interval

Oxy Lean Elite Evaluate By Cristi: “By far my favourite fats burner. Oxy lean works.”

Section Divider: What can you expect?

What Can You Anticipate? 

You probably have taken OxyElite Professional previously and loved it, you may count on to see related if not even higher outcomes with the brand new components. In case you are new to thermogenic fats burners, please take into account that it is a highly effective product. Chances are you’ll must assess your tolerance to stimulants earlier than attempting this product. Caffeine delicate people might really feel a good better have an effect on from the stimulants in these merchandise, which might make you’re feeling a bit jittery and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, we’d advocate Hydroxyelite particularly for people who find themselves in search of a robust urge for food suppressant. Whereas, if you’re in search of extra vitality, the brand new OxyElite Professional stands out as the higher possibility for you. 

Whereas, Lipodrene with Ephedra could be higher possibility for people who’ve tried both Hydroxyelite or OxyElite Professional and didn’t prefer it. This fats burner optimum for people in search of a robust thermogenic. 

Subsequent, we have now Oxy Xtreme and Oxy Lean Elite. We might advocate these fats burners for particular person that don’t like the consequences of DMHA however nonetheless desire a stim-focused fats burner. Oxy Xtreme could also be higher for people with a excessive tolerances to stimulants because it has extra lively substances per servings. However, Oxy Lean Elite could also be higher for people taken with a thermogenic-stimulant fats burner.

So do you have to change?

It relies upon. For those who’re seeing outcomes with Hydroxyelite (or a distinct fats burner) keep it up. But when, you’re feeling such as you’re hitting that plateau, attempt OxyElite.

Section Divider: Does OxyElite Pro Work?

Does OxyElite Professional Actually Work? (OxyElite Professional Evaluations)

We might inform you what we predict, however let’s let the evaluations converse for themselves.

OXYELITE Pro Fat Burner

Buyer Evaluate By Adrianna: “Suppresses urge for food and quick supply!”  Posted on 8/7/22

Buyer Evaluate By Kendra: “One of the best there may be!! The one one which works for me!! I’m so blissful it’s again!” Posted on 6/10/22

Buyer Evaluate By Rafael: “Superb thermogenic and urge for food suppressant! The vitality is nice and also you do must drive your self to eat. I had simply hit a plateau whereas consuming Cellucor Tremendous HD. Oxyelite went again in inventory and I obliterated the plateau. Already 5lbs misplaced in 2 weeks. I do want they bring about again the opposite components USP Labs thermogenic Recreate. That was one other superior thermogenic.” Posted on 6/5/22

Section Divider: Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up!

For Extra Information On Hydroxyelite, Examine Out Coach Joe B’s video:

And this marks the top of our publish on OxyElite Professional and the way it compares to Hydroxyelite. Thanks for studying! And as at all times, if there was one thing that wasn’t clear, one other query you might need, or you probably have one other concept for a weblog, Electronic mail Us!

Wish to examine how Hydroxyelite compares to different fats burners? Checkout our different blogs!

  • Hydroxyelite VS Lipodrene
  • Synadrene Evaluate
  • Hydroxyelite and Methyldrene Elite

Section Divider: Disclaimer


†The intention of the knowledge supplied is for reference solely. Moreover, we’re by no means offering medical recommendation or instruction. As a substitute, the knowledge supplied on this information/weblog makes use of anecdotal data and out there research/evaluations. Whereas our purpose is to take care of and show correct data, we will’t assure it represents the newest formulation of the product or data. Due to this fact, please go to the producer’s web site you probably have any considerations. Additionally, the knowledge above doesn’t characterize our views right here at Identical Day Dietary supplements. As a substitute, these are the views and data supplied by the producers and customers. Moreover, the Meals and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Lastly, the intention of those merchandise is to not diagnose, deal with, remedy or forestall any illness or sickness.

Section Divider: Warnings And Side Effects

OxyElite Professional Warnings And Aspect Results:

Learn all the label earlier than taking this product. Not to be used by people beneath the age of 18 years. Don’t use if you’re pregnant or nursing. People who devour caffeine with this product might expertise critical adversarial well being results. People who find themselves delicate to caffeine ought to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than utilizing. Don’t devour synephrine or caffeine from different sources, together with however not restricted to:

  • Espresso
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • different dietary merchandise
  • Medicines containing caffeine or phenylephrine

Seek the advice of together with your doctor earlier than use if you’re taking treatment, together with however not restricted to:

  • MAOI inhibitors
  • Aspirin
  • Antidepressants
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  • Merchandise containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine, or different stimulants

Seek the advice of your doctor earlier than use you probably have a medical situation, together with however not restricted to:

  • Coronary heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid illness
  • Psychiatric or epileptic issues
  • Issue urinating
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Recurrent complications
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Glaucoma

Cease 2 weeks earlier than surgical procedure or in case you expertise:

  • Fast coronary heart beat
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme headache
  • Shortness of breath

In case of unintended overdose, search skilled help or contact a poison management heart instantly. Exceeding really helpful serving might trigger critical adversarial well being results, together with coronary heart assault and stroke. Improper use of this product could also be hazardous to an individual’s well being.

This product shouldn’t be used instead of or as an alternative to suggestions by your healthcare skilled. No scientific examine has been carried out on Lipodrene®.

These statements are primarily based upon the lively substances:

  • Senegalia Berlandieri
  • Ephedra
  • Theobromine
  • Yohimbe
  • Citrus aurantium
  • Caffeine
  • Inexperienced tea
  • 5-HTP
  • 5-methoxytryptamine
  • Phenylethylamine

This product can elevate your blood stress and intervene with different medication chances are you’ll be taking. Speak to your physician about this product.

This product incorporates substances that could be banned by some sports activities organizations and/or improve threat of false optimistic on a drug check. Please seek the advice of together with your sport group or doctor earlier than taking this product.

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