Penn State’s Aaron Brooks assaults Islam after NCAA wrestling win

Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks might have been one other heartwarming story. He’d simply received his third consecutive nationwide title within the 184-pound division, he’s a faithful Christian and is brolic sufficient to take down a small polar bear, or a minimum of a panda.

Using the excessive of his NCAA Championship victory, Brooks was thrown a softball on ESPN in regards to the function his religion has performed in his success. As a substitute, he shanked it and selected to make use of a chance to specific his religion by obnoxiously bashing neighboring Abrahamic religions.

“It’s every little thing. Christ resurrections and every little thing. Not simply his life, however his dying and resurrection,” Brooks defined. “You may solely get that by way of him, it is going to be unfold solely by way of him. No false prophets, no Muhammad nor anybody else. Solely Jesus Christ himself.”

Brooks reflexively mangled what ought to have been an uplifting second till it was unrecognizable and gave us a peek into his personal soul. Not solely did Brooks’ uncalled-for remarks sully his second, however his disrespect forged a cloud over Penn State’s tenth staff title within the Cael Anderson period. I’ll by no means perceive cantankerous Christians who discover it essential to dump on the non secular beliefs of others. It calls into query how folks like this interpret non secular doctrine.

If something, it’s in all probability finest to cowl your bases and abide by some model of Pascal’s wager, which basically dictates that it’s in a single’s self-interest to behave as if God exists to keep away from the infinite punishment of Hell, to remain in good standing with any potential religions earlier than doubtlessly receiving unhealthy information in your afterlife. It’s not exhausting. Simply don’t give any potential rival deities bulletin board materials.

The bigger concern past Brooks’ throwing strays at Muslims is the NCAA Wrestling selling his blasphemy in direction of the Islamic religion by posting his remarks on their official Twitter web page. Because the social media arm of a non-profit, you’d suppose they’d have the self-awareness to appreciate why these controversial remarks had been off-base. For those who thought the NCAA was enlightened sufficient to acknowledge the issues of huge swaths of Muslims or MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, you’d be unsuitable on this circumstance.

In modern society, Islamophobia is so mainstream, it exists as a established order at occasions. The NCAA’s inaction is an implicit endorsement of Brooks’ ideas and the NCAA Wrestling Twitter account’s unwillingness to easily delete the tweet after almost 24 hours is an extension of that disregard for Muslims.

For anybody nonetheless confused in regards to the outrage, right here’s a state of affairs. Think about being a Christian minding what you are promoting, watching the NCAA Event and an athlete using the excessive of an enormous win will get approached for a postgame interview. He begins by big-upping Allah and the prophet Muhammad, then with out taking a breath, pivots to dunking on the false prophet Jesus Christ and his pretend resurrection.

Even after listening to the clip, what if NCAA Wrestling tweeted it out to their followers and left it up even after it went viral for all of the unsuitable causes? It wouldn’t get that far as a result of we’d see non secular and some opportunistic political leaders denouncing him by daybreak and tiki torch-carrying lots marching within the streets. Aaron Brooks ought to function a lesson to all athletes. Simply thank your God and if in case you have nothing optimistic to say, maintain different religions out your mouth.