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Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – 1,080 mg

HydraGen Ingredients

Given all of the destructive press about sodium in current many years, some could also be stunned to see an entire gram of salt headlining a hydration formulation. However not Morphogen followers, who’re used to their favourite model doing it proper.

However as we’ll reveal, a hefty serving of pink Himalayan salt can really be a large boon to your hydration standing and total well being. In actual fact, the most severe complement corporations, advertising to the most severe customers and athletes, are more and more utilizing numerous salt on this utility in addition to of their pre-workouts.

Not all the sodium inside is coming from pink Himalayan salt – there’s some in coconut water – however most of it’s.

Sodium in HYDRAGEN: 500 milligram yield

Nonetheless you break down the supply of it, the label for HYDRAGEN tells us you’re getting 500 milligrams of pure sodium per serving. That’s outstanding – it’s about 5 occasions what we normally see in hydration dietary supplements.

Once more, that is nice – doses within the 100-milligram to 200-milligram enviornment merely aren’t going to maneuver the electrolyte-replenishment needle for customers most in want of particular hydration help.

Nonetheless, the very first thing we must always say is that though we’ll be taking a usually pro-sodium stance on this article, it is potential to get an excessive amount of (and your physique will usually let you know that simply by the mere style of salt). So, it’s best to all the time contemplate sodium supplementation within the context of your total eating regimen, and add up all your sources of sodium to find out whether or not your complete consumption is throughout the acceptable vary.

The second level to make about this hearty dose of sodium is that sodium isn’t the one electrolyte mineral in HYDRAGEN – calcium, magnesium, and potassium are additionally effectively represented, and can assist spherical out the consequences of the sodium. However Morphogen went large on sodium right here, and so are we:

A sodium primer

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan pink salt is a superb supply of electrolytes. Don’t concern the sodium!! We want it for optimum coaching!

With these caveats out of the best way, let’s discuss the principle causes we’re enthusiastic about 500 milligrams of sodium yield in HYDRAGEN.

First is that sodium is the first electrolyte misplaced in sweat. We lose roughly 0.9 grams of sodium per liter of sweat, with the subsequent largest loss being potassium at solely 0.2 grams per liter.[1]

In different phrases, we lose 4 occasions as a lot sodium in sweat as potassium,[1] and we lose even much less of the opposite minerals. For those who’re sweating, you’re sweating principally sodium — for this reason sweat is salty!

This issues as a result of for those who’re involved about hydration sufficient to achieve for a hydration complement, you’re in all probability sweating lots. Any sort of arduous bodily exercise like train, handbook labor, and even simply being outdoors on a sizzling day will trigger you to lose heaps of sodium that must be replenished for optimum well being.

For those who fail to exchange this misplaced sodium, you may even find yourself sodium poor. That’s probably a giant drawback, since sodium is wanted for muscular contractions.[2] Muscle groups that don’t get sufficient sodium out of your blood can operate beneath their full potential.[3]

In extreme circumstances, sodium deficiency attributable to dehydration, recognized formally as hyponatremia, is usually a life-threatening situation.[4]

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The query of how a lot sodium a bodily lively particular person requires is an entire dialogue unto itself. For those who’re fascinated by studying extra about this, it’s best to try our favourite reference article on the topic, The Significance of Salt within the Athlete’s Weight loss plan.[3]

A serious pointe the researchers make is that fluid alternative with incomplete options can result in issues just like the aforementioned hyponatremia, decreased efficiency, warmth cramps, and different heat-related sicknesses and situations. For those who practice arduous, for those who sweat… you want a variety of this electrolyte.

How a lot sodium is de facto an excessive amount of?

So now that we’ve touched on the results of not getting sufficient sodium, let’s discuss what occurs once you get an excessive amount of – and extra importantly, how a lot is an excessive amount of. As with many different topics in dietary science, long-standing typical beliefs on this topic have been challenged by current analysis.

Though Individuals have formally been suggested to devour lower than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, there’s an argument to be made that we’d really want extra sodium than that for optimum well being.

The humorous factor is that the destructive penalties of getting too little sodium are literally fairly much like these of getting an excessive amount of. As Thomas Remer factors out in his article, “Excessive salt consumption: detrimental not just for blood stress, but in addition for bone well being”:

“[C]urrent proof from potential cohort research suggests a J-shaped affiliation between sodium consumption and cardiovascular occasions, based mostly on research from >300 000 folks, and means that the bottom threat of cardiovascular occasions and loss of life happens in populations consuming a median sodium consumption vary (3-5 g/d). The elevated threat of cardiovascular occasions related to greater sodium consumption (>5 g/d) is most outstanding in these with hypertension.”[5]

Sodium Potassium Balance

It’s all concerning the potassium sodium BALANCE. Too many dietary supplements are too heavy on sodium with out including potassium.

In accordance with this knowledge, the antagonistic well being results of sodium consumption statistically don’t even start till you’re consuming greater than 5,000 milligrams each day! Even the low finish of the protected vary, 3,000 milligrams of sodium per day, remains to be extra than the previous 2,300 really helpful most.

Put merely, the federal government’s tips don’t match up with the science.

And what’s extra, limiting your sodium consumption an excessive amount of may improve your threat of cardiovascular issues!

A giant 2011 examine revealed within the Journal of American Medication that included over 28,000 individuals concluded that urinary sodium consumption of lower than 3,000 milligrams per day really elevated topics’ threat of being hospitalized for congestive coronary heart failure.[6]

In accordance with this examine, consuming as much as 7,000 milligrams of sodium per day didn’t, on common, improve topics’ threat of heart problems![7]

A meta-analysis from 2011 reviewed knowledge from seven totally different research and located that salt restriction really elevated total mortality in sufferers with present coronary heart illness.[8]


Sweating lots? You then’re shedding a variety of sodium.

So are we saying that you, the reader, ought to essentially begin consuming a ton of salt? Not essentially simply but, however there’s a great likelihood that the majority athletes — particularly those that sweat — aren’t coming shut to those numbers. All the pieces in well being and vitamin is individualized, so it’s best to all the time observe your dietary consumption, gauge how you are feeling, and discuss to your physician earlier than making a significant dietary change.

Level is, for many athletes, going larger on this mineral with a dose like 500 milligrams in HYDRAGEN, is probably going way more helpful than you understand.

A number of physicians have acknowledged that the particular person response to sodium can differ significantly. All the best way again in the dead of night ages of 1987, many medical doctors had observed that for any given affected person, consuming extra sodium was about as more likely to lower their blood stress because it was to improve it.[9] And what’s extra, most individuals noticed no change in blood stress in any respect.

Nonetheless, although, different analysis has proven that sufferers who get randomized to a low-sodium eating regimen have a 25% decrease threat of coronary heart assault or stroke in comparison with a placebo sham intervention.[10]

It actually simply will depend on you, but when you recognize you’re sweating lots, HYDRAGEN could be the hydration complement you’ve been searching for. Now let’s steadiness that sodium out with some potassium:

HydroPrime Glycerol powder (std. min. 65% glycerol) – 1,000 mg

HydroPrime is a trademarked type of glycerol from NNB Vitamin.

HydroPrime Glycerol

There’s just one worthy powder available on the market value placing in your tub, and it’s HydroPrime

Glycerol is an osmolyte, which means that it may increase mobile hydration by growing osmotic stress round your cells, which naturally forces the next than regular quantity of water into your cells.

Elevated mobile water content material protects cells from warmth stress and improves shops of vitamins out there to your cells. This may really trigger an ergogenic – performance-enhancing – impact, because of the ensuing enchancment in mobile operate.[25]

Glycerol can be recognized to provide customers a depraved pump, which athletes and bodybuilders are going to like.[26]

Preserve your hydration

Moreover, an additional distinctive profit to glycerol is that it reduces urine output, as proven in quite a few research we’ve mentioned previously.[27] No one needs to lose even extra fluids, having to go to the restroom too usually when coaching. Glycerol might assist retain a few of that for a bit longer, preserving your relaxation stops at a mininum.

Glycerol Urine

The glycerol group has far much less urine output, regardless of similar water enter![28]

The problem with generic glycerol is that it has an unlucky tendency to clump throughout long-term storage. When glycerol, combined with different components, clumps up, it may render the total complement unusable – an end result known as “bricking.”

Due to this, glycerol was falling out of favor with complement formulators. However that’s when HydroPrime got here alongside!

Due to NNB’s new methodology for stabilizing and powderizing glycerol, they had been capable of create a type of glycerol that doesn’t clump almost as a lot because the generic stuff, and, therefore, is far more shelf steady.

Provided that HydroPrime’s effectiveness is intricately associated to its impact on hydration, it in all probability gained’t shock you that it’s most efficient when taken with loads of water.

Taurine (HPLC) – 1,000 mg

Taurine can be an osmolyte, with the identical mobile hydration advantages as HydroPrime.[29]

A 2018 meta-analysis on taurine discovered that even a single 1,000-milligram dose – observe, the identical dose utilized in Morphogen Hydragen – is sufficient to instantly increase athletic endurance throughout a exercise.[30]

Taurine Endurance

Taurine, lengthy used for a ‘filler’ amino acid, seems to be legit for endurance… and after a single use![30]

Taurine can be a potent antioxidant, and might help help calcium signaling between muscle cells, which can assist help muscular contractions. It will probably additionally enhance cognition.

Supplementing taurine is a sensible transfer for anybody who’s exerting themselves to the utmost, since taurine is a conditionally important amino acid.[29-31] Which means everytime you undergo one thing metabolically anxious – whether or not it’s damage, sickness or only a demanding bodily coaching routine – your physique’s necessities for taurine can improve.

In these circumstances, supplementation with conditionally important amino acids like taurine isn’t a foul concept.

Taurine additionally has some fairly cool nootropic results. Because of its GABAergic operate in your central nervous system, it may assist take the sting off stimulants like caffeine, very like L-theanine.

Morphogen Nutrition Intra Workout Stack

Morphogen Vitamin’s Intra Exercise Stack brings a complete of three grams of taurine and tons of different amino acids and electrolytes

Taurine is GABAergic, serving to lower neural irritation whereas facilitating inter-synaptic communication and enhancing mitochondrial operate in your neurons.[31]

In different phrases, taurine is nice for each psychological and bodily efficiency, making its inclusion in hydration formulation a no brainer.

Go larger with Synthegen

If you wish to look into even higher doses of taurine (which brings much more clinically-studied advantages), contemplate stacking HydraGen with SYNTHEGEN, Morphogen’s superior amino acid matrix. It offers one other 2 grams of taurine, and has related taste programs for intra exercise stacking!