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AstroFlav made its identify with its astronomically nice product flavors – however they don’t simply formulate flavored powders. Lately, we’ve seen them dramatically develop their catalog of capsule merchandise as effectively.

They’ve additionally developed a nuanced method to capsule formulation, as exemplified by the brand new AstroFlav Multivitamin (boosted with shilajit and different mitochondrial-enhancers) and their Embrace ladies’s formulation.

AstroFlav Magnesium

AstroFlav Magnesium: Full Disclosure Magnesium Yields

That very same pattern continues with the brand new AstroFlav Magnesium complement, which we’ll be discussing immediately.

In AstroFlav Magnesium, we have now a mix consisting of three totally different kinds of supplemental magnesium – magnesium bisglycinate, Sucrosomial magnesium, and magnesium L-threonate.

In these instances with competing formulation, we normally get caught with a proprietary mix, which means the complement formulator doesn’t disclose precisely how a lot of every kind is current within the mix. Not so with AstroFlav Magnesium – AstroFlav is telling us precisely how a lot of every totally different sort of magnesium is current of their mix.

That’s fairly superior. It empowers customers, and builds the credibility of our trade by serving to to set a brand new customary for transparency and accountability. We talked about this in PricePlow Podcast episode #096 with AstroFlav’s Brian Tweer and Brady Adamson, and we’re actually hoping to see extra corporations observe AstroFlav’s lead on this.

Let’s test costs and availability, after which get into it the open-formula mix:

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Magnesium yields could be tough — magnesium bisglycinate, for example, is simply 10% elemental magnesium by weight. So an entire gram of it might yield simply 100 milligrams precise magnesium (or ~25% the really useful day by day worth). Let’s see how AstroFlav breaks this as much as get a full day by day dose in 4 capsules.

AstroFlav Magnesium Components

In a single 2 capsule serving of AstroFlav’s Magnesium, you get the next:

AstroFlav Magnesium Supplement Facts

  • Magnesium (elemental) (from 500 mg TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate, 438 mg Sucrosomial Magnesium, 257.5 mg Magnesium L-Threonate) – 210 mg (50% DV)

    Of the important nutritional vitamins and minerals, there’s maybe none extra essential to optimize than magnesium.

    Your magnesium standing impacts nearly each side of your well being – magnesium is required for over 600 reactions concerned in such key features of mobile metabolism as power manufacturing and protein synthesis.[1] Unsurprisingly, which means even gentle magnesium deficiency can have some fairly devastating downstream results.

    • Neuropsychiatric results

      Magnesium performs a key half in neurotransmitter synthesis.[2] One second-order impact of that is that magnesium supplementation can usually assist normalize disordered sleep although its function as a GABA agonist.[3] Since chronically impaired sleep is a compounding threat issue for psychological and emotional problems,[4] this makes magnesium supplementation a probably nice prophylactic in opposition to the identical.

      Do not forget that GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, whose motion is against that of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. In the identical means, magnesium, an inhibitory mineral, is balanced by its antagonist calcium, which has excitatory results. This steadiness between muscle and nerve activation, and muscle and nerve rest, is vital to understanding why so many individuals really feel a palpable sense of reduction when supplementing with magnesium for the primary time – the magnesium truly causes muscle rest by terminating your muscular tissues’ impulse to contract.[5,6]

      However, magnesium deficiency usually causes signs which are generally related to stress and anxiousness. If it goes on lengthy sufficient, it may culminate with the burnout of power fatigue.[2,7,8]

      In keeping with one 2015 examine, suboptimal magnesium consumption in individuals youthful than 65 is related to a 22% enhance in threat of melancholy.[9]

    • Sleep high quality

      Once more, due to its function in GABA synthesis, supplementation with magnesium can enhance each the amount and high quality of sleep.[10-13]

      Apart from GABA, one other mechanism at play right here is magnesium’s capability to downregulate cortisol, your physique’s main stress hormone. On this fast-paced trendy world the place many if not most of us are coping with chronically elevated cortisol, it is a dependable technique for bettering sleep.[11]

      One notably fascinating examine on magnesium supplementation discovered that magnesium consumption correlates inversely with sleep midpoint. In plain English, which means these with sufficient magnesium consumption normally go to mattress sooner than those that are magnesium poor.[14]

    • Different advantages – nearly too many to listing!

      Sleep and temper are the 2 most advantages individuals most instantly discover from magnesium supplementation, however there are tons of others as effectively.

      Once more, given the large variety of metabolic processes by which magnesium has been implicated, it’s not terribly stunning that magnesium standing would have far-reaching implications for a lot of features of human well being.

      AstroFlav Magnesium

      Right here’s a partial listing of the advantages usually seen from correcting a magnesium deficiency:

      • Blood strain discount[15-18]
      • Improved HbA1c and glycemic management[15,19,20]
      • Elevated insulin sensitivity[15,19-21]
      • Normalization of insulin manufacturing[15,19-21]
      • Decreased threat of sort 2 diabetes[22-24]
      • Larger bone mineral density[25]
      • PMS symptom reduction[26-29]
      • Extra environment friendly clearance of lactic acid[30]
      • Higher muscle mass and energy[31]
      • Decreased C-reactive protein[32] and lowered irritation[31]
      • Decrease interleukin 6 (IL-6)[33]
      • Decreased muscle harm from train[34]
      • Decreased probability and severity of migraines[35,36]
      • Migraine symptom reduction[37]
      • Potential discount in stress and anxiousness[38]

      Evidently, sufficient magnesium standing is actually essential for optimum well being.

      Since train will increase your metabolic fee, and magnesium is misplaced in sweat, bodily lively individuals like athletes usually have a higher-than-average requirement for magnesium consumption.[39]

      Now let’s get into the particular kinds of magnesium used:

  • TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate – 500 mg

    We like seeing AstroFlav’s magnesium complicated led by TRAACS magnesium bisglycinate chelate. Amino acid chelated minerals are extremely bioavailable,[40,41] and the glycine molecule itself comes with quite a lot of fascinating advantages.

    • Some added advantages from the glycine

      Identical to magnesium itself, glycine is a precursor to gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has calming, relaxant and anti-anxiety results on the central nervous system.[42] This gentle depressant motion of glycine makes it probably helpful for bettering sleep high quality.

      AstroFlav on the PricePlow Podcast: Brian Tweer and Brady Adamson

      Brian Tweer, founding father of Jersey Shore Dietary supplements and AstroFlav, joins the PricePlow Podcast with Brady Adamson to speak enterprise, formulation, and mindset. Take heed to Episode #095.

      In a single 2006 examine the place topics took glycine or a placebo earlier than mattress, the glycine group reported each greater high quality sleep and greater power ranges upon waking than the placebo group.[43]

      An identical 2007 examine discovered that glycine supplementation triggered topics to go to sleep quicker and simpler, and expertise greater sleep satisfaction.[44] On this examine the researchers truly took polysomnography knowledge, which confirmed that the glycine group spent extra time in deep sleep and had fewer mid-night awakenings.[44] No shock, then, that the glycine group felt extra awake and confirmed improved cognitive efficiency the subsequent day.[44]

      A 2012 examine discovered that the cognitive enhancements from glycine supplementation can persist for a number of days after taking it.[45] Glycine can be essential for protein synthesis, extra particularly elastin, an essential part of your physique’s connective tissue.[46]

      Nonetheless, it’s essential to notice that the medical doses of glycine are usually round 3 grams per day – excess of will likely be in right here. The purpose is, glycine itself is nice to take alongside magnesium, with many related advantages, and that is why magnesium bisglycinate is sort of in style.

  • Sucrosomial Magnesium – 438 mg

    Subsequent up is probably the most distinctive side of AstroFlav Magnesium, which is AstroFlav’s use of Sucrosomial magnesium. The Sucrosomial know-how is actually an envelope consisting of phospholipid and sucrose ester layers, which permits the lively ingredient (on this case, magnesium) to transit via the abdomen intact.[47] This implies the lively ingredient can then be absorbed inside the intestines, after which it passes instantly into your bloodstream.

    In different phrases, the Sucrosomial envelope is a brand new sort of enteric coating, one which appears to carry nice promise – particularly when utilized to magnesium, a mineral that may sadly trigger important gastrointestinal misery and poor uptake when taken in therapeutic doses. Usually talking, enteric coatings can considerably cut back the incidence of GI negative effects.

    Magnesium Study

    Sucrosomial magnesium outperformed magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium bisgylcinate when it comes to magnesium focus within the blood in comparison with its preliminary worth after 24 hours.[48]

    In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled examine from 2018, Sucrosomial magnesium went head-to-head with a number of widespread types of magnesium complement – magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium bisglycinate.[49]

    When it got here to rising blood ranges of magnesium, Sucrosomial magnesium outperformed all three different kinds, together with magnesium bisglycinate – the latter of which is especially spectacular, on condition that magnesium bisglycinate has a long-standing fame for its excessive bioavailability.[49]

    One other examine discovered that Sucrosomial magnesium is efficient for rising magnesium blood ranges in magnesium-deficient osteoporosis sufferers who’d suffered from femur fractures.[53

    If you’re interested in reading more about Sucrosomial technology, see the above study, but dig a bit deeper into a key paper they reference in their introduction: “Sucrose Esters Increase Drug Penetration, but Do Not Inhibit P‐Glycoprotein in Caco‐2 Intestinal Epithelial Cells”.[47] This paper’s introduction gives a sound background into sucrose esters and the way they’ve lengthy been utilized in meals due to their surfactant properties.

  • Magnesium L-Threonate – 500 mg

    Magnesium threonate (MgT) is a type of magnesium that’s notably good at crossing the blood mind barrier, as proven in a 2010 examine the place it was discovered to particularly enhance the focus of magnesium inside rats’ brains.[50]

    Magnesium Study

    Magnesium threonate (MgT) did higher than different magnesium and threonate preparations at bettering A) cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) magnesium stage, B) short-term reminiscence take a look at efficiency, and C) long-term reminiscence take a look at efficiency in rats.[50]

    The authors of this examine discovered that magnesium threonate successfully boosted not simply magnesium ranges within the rats, but in addition their efficiency on short-term and long-term reminiscence assessments (see inset picture), in addition to spatial working, short-term, and long-term reminiscence (not pictured).[50]

    In addition they discovered proof that MgT can enhance synaptic plasticity.[50]

    In a phrase, magnesium threonate is the nootropic kind of magnesium.

  • AstraGin [Astragalus membranaceus (root) Extract and Panax notoginseng (root) Extract] – 25 mg

    AstraGin is a patented bioavailability-enhancing ingredient[48,51-54] from NuLiv Science.

    By rising your intestinal cells’ manufacturing of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), AstraGin can enhance their capability for work, which finally means they take in vitamins out of your meals and dietary supplements extra successfully.[55,56]

    AstraGin may even assist preserve your intestinal tissue in good situation, which is one other means it may enhance total digestion.[57]

Dosage and Timing

Complete dosage will rely in your eating regimen — a two-capsule serving (of which there are sixty on this bottle) will yield 50% of your day by day really useful worth of magnesium. We propose taking no less than that a lot earlier than mattress.

Nonetheless, if you wish to be sure that you’re getting sufficient, you possibly can take 4 capsules in a day. We’ve discovered sleep to be unimaginable with all 4 capsules earlier than mattress, however you can even cut up these into AM/PM dosing in case you’d prefer to really feel any of the nootropic results of magnesium threonate.

Conclusion: A High-Tier Magnesium Complement

AstroFlav Multivitamin

AstroFlav Multivitamin is out and makes use of high-quality nutritional vitamins, minerals, and is boosted with shilajit, CoQ10, turmeric, Spectra, and extra!

AstroFlav Magnesium is nearly as good as a magnesium-focused complement can get – you’ve acquired magnesium bisglycinate because the time-tested basis, Sucrosomial magnesium for even greater bioavailability, and magnesium L-threonate to assist give attention to the cognitive results that many customers are on the lookout for from magnesium dietary supplements.

Except you’re utilizing magnesium for different functions (resembling stool softening – by which case you must attempt magnesium citrate and/or magnesium oxide), we see no motive why you shouldn’t give this one a shot and see how you are feeling.

In case you’re trying to attempt extra premiere AstroFlav capsule merchandise, try their multivitamin, filled with bioavailable substances extras.

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Disclosure: PricePlow depends on pricing from shops with which we have now a enterprise relationship. We work exhausting to maintain pricing present, however chances are you’ll discover a higher supply.

Posts are sponsored partly by the retailers and/or manufacturers listed on this web page.